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Bathroom Accessories

DIY Baby Hat Sewing Pattern

Knitting is one of the highly creative arts. So, how about becoming one such artist? It is a true joy & pleasure to knit something. Won’t you knit a hat for your baby or any baby in your family? Here’s how to go about it!

Mobile, tablet, laptop accessories

7 Attractive Tips For Christmas Decorations

The Merry Christmas is just round the corner. And, you need to prep up to celebrate it in the best way. Here are some interesting & attractive tips to make this Christmas a special one indeed!

Hold your magazines in one place

Are you looking out for some interesting crafts? Are you an exhaustive reader too? Even if you aren’t one, still here’s something special for you – A magazine holder! Hold all your magazines in one place.

Enjoy The Magnetic Power

Do you want to make your refrigerator look exclusive? Then why not personalize & decorate it with funky magnets? These magnets are easy to make with available Knick knacks. So, get, set & magnet it!

Jewellery – Specially designed for you!

Jewellery is an integral part of a woman’s beauty. It truly embellishes her to the last letter. It profoundly enhances her personality. This glorifying jewellery perfectly fits any attire & occasion. Right from pendants, anklets, earrings you can customize any of it as per your choice.

How to creatively organize your crockery?

Crockery sets are the most delicate kitchen ware, aren’t they? So you will have to care for them very specially & royally! Right from glass bowls, dinner plates, cups & saucers, desert plates to wine glasses, everything needs individual care & comfortable placement.

How to make a key chain?

A leather tassel key chain is a unique gift that you can give to your loved ones, friends or relatives. But, the real joy is of making it at home & gifting it to your close ones. It is a great homemade gift idea. So, why not get on to making it?

It’s a ‘cheesy’ day

Cheese corn balls – wow, yummy, cheeselicious, mouthwatering, lip-smacking!! And, the list of adjectives goes on & on. Yes, this yummy, tiffin-perfect snack is just ‘the dish’ that kids relish anytime. Undoubtedly, it is an easy-to-make, light & healthy recipe for kids. Moreover, it looks tempting, delicious and tastes purely fantastic.

Put your ‘heels’ on!

Are you ready to shake a leg at your favourite pub? Want to hit the floor with dazzling heels? Then, how about trying out some really unique, funky, eye-catching heels this new year??

Watch bracelets – ‘Brace’ it up

What is the first accessory that you admire before stepping out – a watch? Then, how about a watch bracelet to spruce up your look? Yes. It truly sounds interesting.

Happy Easter

Easter marks the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Hence, it stands as a highly important holiday in Christianity. So, all set to make Easter eggs & celebrate this holy holiday?

10 Accessories That Every Man Should Flaunt

What is the most essential accessory that you would take before you step out of your home? ……Still thinking? Here’s a descriptive yet concise list of accessories for you!

5 Accessories That Girls Can’t Live Without!

Dear girls & ladies! All set to go for a party or night out? But, do you have all the gorgeous accompaniments? Here’s what you can wear to look outstanding before heading out anywhere!

Special Effects Of Lamps

The lamps truly glorify the ambience of any corner of your room. And, a creative lamp for your home décor will enhance its look manifold. Yet, it all depends on the type & size of table lamp & the amount of light that it gives out. Right from the living room to bathroom, you can set up a variety of lamps of your choice.

Bag it!

What is the first thing that you do before rushing out of home? May be it is your bag that you will get hold of! Won’t you? So, you will want your bag to as special as you. Then, here’s a range of bags that you can carry along for outings.

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