Mobile, tablet, laptop accessories

Posted by SANESWAP.COM on Mar 12, 2018

Materials Needed

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in navy (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in light blue (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in mustard (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

80cm / 8mm min Circular knitting needles

A crochet hook or wool sewing needle


Pins and a tape measure (optional)


Right from mobile, tablet, laptop & their respective accessories, Saneswap has practically everything for you. We understand your care for personal electronic devices and their accessories. So, we are here to offer you just that at affordable prices and the ones suiting your style statement.


You can guard your cell phones with attractive, durable cases & covers against breakage. The Bluetooth devices, power banks, batteries & adapters will surely em’power’ your sleek & stylish phones. You can protect your power banks too with its exclusive skins. We specially provide shock-proof & soft silicon cases too for your mobiles. Also, you can try the mirror back covers, cover combos, mobile sling bags & cases with stands. So, you should be least worried now. Since, you have a huge range of mobile accessories for protecting your mobile against scratches, breakages or any damage.

Now, let us see how you can protect your tablets & laptops. Your tablets would be highly secured with the help of tablet covers & cases plus the sleeves & skins. Apart from this, there is a sea of accessories like tablet stands, keyboards etc. to choose from.


Undoubtedly, after your mobile, the laptop is the next buddy whom you meet after waking up in the morning. So, that too should be well protected from all sides. So, why not go for the colourful, attractive laptop skins, sleeves & slip cases? The laptop desks too are available for you. The rest of the peripherals include the headphones, speakers, pen drives, hard disks & portable chargers.

Yet, the list is not at all complete. There are keyboard protectors, mouse pads, extension cords, cables, plugs and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Come online, dive into the digital world of accessories & select the best suit for you.



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