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Posted by SANESWAP.COM on Mar 13, 2018

Materials Needed

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in navy (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in light blue (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

2 balls of Lang Yarns Merino 50 wool in mustard (98% Merino Extra Fine, 2% polyester)

80cm / 8mm min Circular knitting needles

A crochet hook or wool sewing needle


Pins and a tape measure (optional)

Your bathroom is the first place that you will visit after waking up in the morning. So, it should be vibrant, energetic & filled with freshness. Only then you can begin the day with a fresh mind & active body.

You can choose any theme or colour scheme for your bathroom. But, it should be the one which will make you feel fresh. Similarly, the bathroom accessories should also match your choice. They will also help you organize the bathroom & keep it spic-n-span.

A soap dispenser, towel bar, bath rug, shower curtain, toilet paper holder & hooks are those accessories that enhance a bathroom’s look.


Soap dispenser

A soap dispenser is the first item in your bathroom which may grab anyone’s attention. It should be colourful & sufficient for filling enough soap. These dispensers too are of different sizes and exclusive shapes. So, why not choose a couple of them for your bathrooms? You can also choose some child-friendly colours for their exclusive bathroom.


Towel bar

A towel bar also makes your bathroom look tidy & clean. You can hang the towels together on the bar without messing up.


Bath rug

Once you are out from the bathroom, a bath rug is good to feel warmth for your cold feet. The warm, cozy, thick bath rugs have different colours & textures as well as themes. You have plenty of them to choose from. Especially, when you have a cold water bath, a rug truly warms up your feet. It helps a lot especially in winter.


Shower curtains

The shower curtains too are of various, creative styles. There are plenty of colour combinations and themes to hold your attention. You can choose any colour or pattern of your choice to glorify your lovely bathroom.A shower curtain preps up the bathroom in a stylish & easy way.


Toilet paper

A toilet paper also forms one of the essentials in the bathroom. And, not only this but also it has various styles.

A fancy/classy toilet paper holder simply adds to the beauty of your bathroom giving it a stylish look.A fashionable twist, indeed, to the regular toilet paper holders is a must to have accessory in your bathroom.


Clothing hooks

You can also fix a couple of hooks in the bathroom. They will hold your clothes, towels, baby’s napkins or spoilt clothes in a row. The laundry can be hung up in a systematic manner on these hooks.

So, are you ready to make your bathroom look beautiful, classy & attractive? Rush to the bathroom décor store & shop around madly for it!



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